My school, “…oh, the bliss of this glorious thought,” starts on the 18th, so Jennifer and I are gallivanting about the Irish countryside.  Generally spending time by ourselves in Dublin is not a priority, so when I’m not at school, we don’t mean to hang out in Dublin.  The end of last week we travelled down to Dunmore East, and helped Jonathan and Joyce Yoder do some painting in their new house.

This week Jennifer’s still in Dunmore East, while I’m staying at a local beef farmer’s place.  (One of the requirements for an aspiring veterinarian in this part of the world is diverse animal handling experience.)  Being a farmer, even if it doesn’t include any field work or milking cows, is awfully fun again!  I love his Matbro telescopic loader.  I’m also fascinated by the tractor hitches, like, this ring thing that can be raised by the three point hitch, not a drawbar.  No more jacking up hitches or ever getting off your tractor to hook on a wagon.  Never use a bolt or have the pin pop out in a stubble field!  My host is tickled with his new darling, a T6080 (New Holland), but he also has some cool older European kinds, including a Nuffield and a Fiat.  So many interesting terminology differences, too!  Being a farm vet here wouldn’t be worse or better than in Canada–just a pile of little differences.

Today the local vet clinic let me hang onto their apron strings for the day.  They weren’t called out much at all today, so I didn’t get to visit any farms, but I did get to see quite a few small animal surgeries.  Oh, and there was this pussy that tested positive for FIV (uh, the cat version of HIV) this afternoon, so… the cat was put to sleep.

I plan to catch the bus back to Waterford on Friday morning.  A wonderful reunion shall be affected between Jennifer and me.  She will also be reunited with the computer, and can give you an update on painting, baby-sitting, reading, and all the other things she’s doing.  Anyways, now you know why we’re not writing very many emails these days!

(Due honours to Horatio Spafford.)

(So what does that first sentence mean?  Am I glad to have an extra long Christmas break?  Or is it that I’m champing at the bit and can hardly wait until school starts again?  I don’t know.  You can read both ideas into that sentence; at least, I do.)