How to make shashliki is a mystery no longer!

First, make a gigantic fire out of previously dried wood from fruit trees.  You need the right kind of coals, you see.

You need lots of the right kind of coals.  I’m no expert, but in those other galaxies, where they hold The Annual Shashlik Coal Beauty Contest, this photo from Earth won the latest prize.

As the pictures indicate, yes, this was done after the New Year’s Eve church service.  The KEMC youth, including the head pastor and his wife, were out caroling in the snow.  They dropped by and sang two or three songs for us, just us and our meat, out there in the snow that lay deep and crisp and even.  A blessed time was had by all.  The smell of the shashliki was heavenly.

The prodigy and the protégé, thinking about food…

Back to the basics!  Sasha had 2.5 kg of meat in this red wine marinade for about two days.  The marinade sounds simple enough, I mean, if you’re the type that will walk into your local LCBO and pick out a bottle of some good vintage.  You add mayonnaise, ketchup, and, oh, here’s the catch: you use this shashlik seasoning that’s sold anywhere in Ukraine.

You stick these juicy chunks between liberal portions of onion.

Wait.  That’s Sasha, getting ahead of himself.  For Jennifer’s sake, I bravely rescued the meat.

Now, you stick these juicy chunks between liberal portions of onion.

Isn’t he doing a grand job?

We thought so, too.

The supper in general was a dazzling success.  Sasha isn’t the only culinary genius in that family. 😀

This documentary is produced with sincere compliments and gratitude to Svyetlana and Alexander Tsikalo.