The very day we arrived in Chernovtsi, all weary and worn and sad from trains and planes and overnight buses rattling on, we were notified that we were leaving at five the next morning to go skiing.  At first I thought it was an acutely sadistic joke, because my penchant for sleeping in the few weeks following exams is probably a byword with my family.  It turned out to be the truth, but nonetheless acutely sadistic.

I had great companions.  Here are two of them: Raphael and Amy.

It was my first time, but I LOVED IT!!!  And for anybody who wants wonderful skiing in a world-class resort in the Carpathians, check out Bukovel.

My lady came out to take some pictures.  Although this was the easiest part of an easy slope, I still managed to execute a dazzling sit-down in front of her.  She managed to document it.

In moments of clarity, I’m amazed all over again why Jennifer married this yokel.  Isn’t she beautiful?