On the Friday night before last, Gabriel and I set out for Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, where Resurgam Chamber Choir (in which Gabriel’s choir conductor at UCD sings bass–not that that gives us a claim to fame, but in a city where we know only a handful of people, it’s nice to recognize the occasional face) and the Irish Baroque Orchestra were performing Handel’s Messiah. This was our Christmas gift to each other, and oh…was it ever worth it. I’ve only heard the Messiah performed live once before, and this was Gabriel’s first time ever. It was heavenly, inspiring, beautiful … I thought at the time that the only thing that could have made it better would have been the Lord’s return at the end.

But the Lord didn’t return, so we headed home and stopped at Eddie Rocket’s for a late supper. 11:30 on a weekend night in the Temple Bar area of Dublin is a good time to see LOTS of drunk people. It was entertaining!

Anita blogged here about hearing the same choir and orchestra in Waterford.