This is a post about housekeeping. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tuesday I got out my Kenmore sewing machine, the one that I shipped all the way across the ocean. I’m so glad to have it. Only thing is…apparently the transformer we’re using with it isn’t heavy enough to control the voltage (I keep calling it “currency,” which is apparently one of the reasons Gabriel is getting old–he’s worried about his wife’s IQ) coming through to it. The light sometimes gets brighter when I sew, then dims when I stop. When I depress the foot pedal, the machine keeps on sewing for an inch or so before quitting. I’m sort of worried about how badly I damaged it already, but I am thankful it sewed well enough to get my dress done.

Which reminds me–I’m happy about the cutting surface I have for sewing dresses. It’s much easier to cut out dresses on a smooth surface than on carpeted floor, which was the only other surface big enough in my flat. I saved one of the big boxes that came with our stuff in it, unfolded it, taped the loose edges together to make a big rectangle, and now I have a fold-able cutting board that gets shoved under the bed when not in use.

Another odd thing that happened this week is that the water pipes in our building froze. I couldn’t figure out why the washing machine had stopped at the beginning of the cycle until I noticed that I couldn’t get water from the kitchen sink. It was cold enough to snow a tiny bit yesterday morning, but nothing that should have warranted frozen pipes. Maybe they freeze easily because they’re installed on the outside of our building. That’s a foreign concept to us, but I guess they do work most of the time.

My husband is officially done with his exams as of yesterday. Today he vacuumed the house for me, which was very nice of him to do and a nice break for me. That vacuum cleaner is one of my soul’s character builders, and I definitely won’t complain if he wants it to build his character, too. 😉

Housekeeping has become SO much easier and more fun since we got the aforementioned boxes that were shipped here from the States. Extra clothes, maternity clothes, my sewing things and fabric, and kitchen supplies. I feel like I know how to cook again with a good selection of pots, pans, spices, and other things I sent over from my kitchen. My cupboards are much better organized now, too, with the addition of plastic containers to keep flour, sugar, pasta, and other things.

Oh, we had fun unpacking those boxes. It was like Christmas. The funny thing is, we had learned to live without so many things that when we finally got them, we wondered why it had seemed so necessary to pack and ship some of the things we did.

Case in point: two boxes of tools? For what–all the fix-it projects in our two-room flat? 😀 We’re prepared, anyway! But we can definitely use or store most of what we sent, and we’re so grateful to the mission in Dunmore East that let us have room on their container to send our things.

Now if only I could have my books sent over … how I miss those old friends of mine! I may need to start collecting a library in Ireland!