My mom told me the other day that she checks this blog almost daily for updates. I’ll bet she isn’t checking it today, though, because she’s on her way up north to visit my grandma who’s health is failing fast. Either way, I feel convicted enough to post more often so as not to waste her visits to our blog. We’ll see how long the inspiration lasts. πŸ˜‰

The reason I was talking to Mom the other day was to ask for her recipe for dinner rolls. I’m supposed to take bread to the church potluck tomorrow, and I was hungry for Mom’s awesome dinner rolls. So she gave me the recipe, along with these instructions: Don’t let the dough get too stiff, and don’t knead them too long.

That gave me sympathy for Gabriel when I’m trying to tell him how do something in the kitchen. So much of cooking is intuitive, but I’ve always treated recipes like the Bible, while a more experienced or talented cook would use them as mere suggestions.

But don’t worry, Mom–I think the rolls turned out fine. Gabriel likes them, anyhow!