This is for people, such as my relatives, who were asking about my exams.  For the rest of you, have a smashing day and pardon the boring post.  Jennifer is sure to come up with a better one in the next few days.

This past semester I had six courses, but three of them had significant laboratory/practical components which are tested, so I actually have nine exams.  In Ireland they have this FANTASTIC concept of “revision week,” i.e., students get a whole week of vacation just before the two week exam period.  Theoretically, one spends the week “revising” the material in preparation for the marathon.  Perhaps for yours truly some of the material wasn’t exactly revised; it was more like synthesized de novo, seen for the first time, etc., etc.  Enough said.  Some of you might see me as a doctor some day, and I wouldn’t want you to have less than ideal confidence levels in me.

(Wait, that was not enough said.  As a highly regarded nurse friend of mine asked me, “Do you know what the difference is between God and a doctor?  God doesn’t think He’s a doctor.”  Enough said.)

Now I am swimmingly enjoying the two weeks of exams.  These two weeks are obviously not solid exams–I still have time to type out the aforementioned boring post–but they sure leave one weary and heavy-laden!

My schedule:

Tuesday (8th): Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Development, written component

Wednesday (9th): Cell Metabolism and Replication

Thursday (10th): Cardiology and Respiratory Function, written component

Friday (11th): practical of Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Development (if you’ve ever heard of bellringers and you’ve heard of Histology, marry the two for a real nightmare); wait, this is a double feature; I also have the practical component of Cardiology and Respiratory Function, which is a bellringer on the anatomy of the thorax

Monday (14th): Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Tuesday (15th): Neurobiology and Structures of the Head, bellringer on the dissection part (the head)

Wednesday (16th): Homeostasis and Fluid Balance

Thursday (17th): Neurobiology and Structures of the Head, written component

Friday (18th): sleep

Saturday (19th): pack

Sunday (20th): fly to Ukraine