Last weekend I heard a preacher speak about his great-grandfather’s job.  The ancestor worked at one of the great Belfast shipyards (apparently he helped make one of the smoke stacks for the Titanic), just one more labourer among a lot of many other labourers.  And here’s the story of one of the reasons that preacher today is a man of God.

Another carpenter, a W. B. Nicholson (sp?), as “rough, crude, and uncouth” as the rest of the lot, became a Christian.  So he shared his faith.  The shipyard labourers allegedly weren’t the most brilliant thinkers of their day, but God used one of their own to speak to them and convict them of sin.  To make a long story short, the labourers began returning the tools they had stolen.  So many new tools came back that the company built a new shop, and called it Nicholson Shed.  After Nicholson Shed was more than fully equipped–and tools still kept coming back–the shipyard finally told the men to stop bringing tools back!