It comes from behind the fridge. There’s a hole in the floor back there that opens into the wall or duct work, and when the fridge runs, the heat from the fan lets whatever smells are back there come billowing forth. It seems to be worse whenever the heat is on (evenings and mornings). Yesterday morning I got too big a whiff and ending up being glad the kitchen sink was close by for my first bout of “real” morning sickness.

But seriously. What could be so bad in the walls of this house that it can smell up our entire flat in ten minutes? At any rate, I’m hoping that Gabriel is successful at finding duct tape this afternoon (oh, why is it so hard to find a SIMPLE HARDWARE STORE THAT SELLS DUCT TAPE in Dublin? But try as we might, we’ve had no success so far), and I hope that covering the hole with it will stop this stench.

On the brighter side, it’s keeping me away from the fridge as much as possible. Probably not a bad thing. 😉

UPDATE: Gabriel did find duct tape and used it to cover the hole last night. So far it’s working! I’m SO relieved.