Last night it was so windy that the sound woke me up. One thing I’ve missed since living in this building in the city is weather … I feel so removed from it. Ireland rarely gets storms of any kind, it seems, but today is nasty enough that even I don’t feel removed from the weather. I feel sorry for Gabriel, who has to walk many blocks to the bus stop in this rain and wind, and for me, who has to walk several blocks for groceries in this mess also. But I am glad to feel like we are having some “real” weather. Surprisingly, it’s one thing I miss about Canada–there, the change of seasons is definite and contrasting (except for summer sometimes), and they get REAL storms like blizzards in winter and thunderstorms in summer.

Some cheery things headed our way in the future:

-Our boxes are being loaded on a container this week to be shipped from Virginia to Ireland. I’m looking forward to getting more kitchen supplies, winter coats, maternity clothes, and lots of other goodies that we packed up  back in August. Hopefully we’ll get the container by the end of November.

-The Family Conference that the church in Dunmore East hosts is coming up at the end of October. We’re looking forward to a whole weekend of fellowship with other families down there.

-A work crew from Mountain View will be here over that conference, and my dear mom is sending a suitcase of goodies along with them. Lebanon bologna, thee I love.

-As you may have noticed on Gabriel’s previous post, we are 1/16 of the way through our four-year stint here. As my coworker used to say (and probably still does), “Praise the Lord ‘n pass the fruitcake.”

Cheers! -JRJ