front door 002_web

The view from our front door. Not that we spend that much time there, gazing at the Catholic church, but you get the idea. This Catholic church, by the way, has bells that chime regularly. I can’t figure out the pattern, though–I thought it marked every half hour with a couple chimes, but at 5:30pm, it chimes twenty times.

Our front door is blue:

front door 004_web

Funny, this picture hides a lot of the door’s flaws, like all the chipped paint and cobwebs. The door leads into what was a grand old hallway that is now musty and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the potato famine. I hate walking through that hallway because of how dirty and musty it is. It’s one of those unfortunate places that belongs to everybody, so nobody takes care of it. Maybe if I’d take the plunge and clean it, everyone else would care more about it, too. I’ll see if I get the guts to do this weekend.

By the way, the doors of Dublin are pretty and interesting. The owners paint them whatever colour they choose–brown, black, red, blue, white, green–it’s a treat to see.