A great thing happened.  This apartment is now more like home than ever.  (Yes, Dublin is a part of a different planet than Brunner.)  Being connected is so nice!  Thank God–we specifically prayed for a miracle, and He gave us one–we talked to the right people at O2, the mobile company, and they gave us a subscription to their broadband.

I know.  Small things amuse small minds.  But when you consider that this is awfully fast (7.2 Mbps download) and works just about anywhere in the country, and then you consider that it’s costing me Euro 9.99 per month for 10 GB, you understand why I’m amused.

Just to recap: we have free calling to USA and Canada.  Email us and tell us when to use it. 🙂

(This also means I can do my homework!  I thought U of G did a lot of requiring students to have internet access, but they didn’t come close to what UCD requires.)