That’s a place to live, by the way–not a punctured tire. One real estate agent told us that the difference between a flat and apartment is that a flat is part of an older building converted to flats, while an apartment is in a building built specifically for apartments.

So we’re in a flat that’s part of a house that was originally a stately row house in the heart of Dublin. Now our street is made up of a tired collection of flats facing a green-domed Catholic church with bells that chime on the half hour. The mothball smell is slowly disappearing from the closets, thanks to the plates of coffee grounds I placed on the shelves, and I’m learning that the communal dryer dries nothing, but thankfully the washer works just fine. The “hoover” (vacuum cleaner, or if you’re like my family, the sweeper) is a trial to my soul, but then I guess I need at least one character builder. Ha.

We’re happy to have a place to live, and slowly we’re making it our own. A good cleaning is what it really needed, and I’m slowly starting to feel comfortable here–now that I know that whatever dirt is here is “our” dirt.

Cheers! -Jennifer