I think when the Indians used to look forward to happy hunting grounds, they didn’t mean apartment hunting in Dublin, Ireland.

We left Ontario for Dublin, thinking we’d stay one night at this B&B, find an apartment the next day, and move out.

Not so fast, Pocahontas.

We viewed three or four apartments on Tuesday after we flew in, and they were HOLES, y’all. Just dumps. Some smelled like smoke, some were incredibly tiny, and some were just plain dirty. We quickly realized that if we were going to live in anything resembling a neat, tidy, clean place, we’d have to stretch our budget a little more than we already had.

The next day was a little better, but we still didn’t find anything that suited except one, and the landlord decided to go with another tenant who was offering him a longer lease. Well, duh. Had we known that’s what it takes, we would have offered that too!

Thursday we found our dream place for the right price, right location, right everything, almost. The landlord has to look at our references before he decides, so we shall see on Monday, hopefully. We also have our names in at two other places, one of which we’re almost sure to get. I could be happy at any of them. When we move into one, I’ll post some pictures.

Happy hunting grounds? I’ll be so glad to leave them.